Thursday, December 15, 2016

What will come, will come.

Rory and Peter decided to take a walk when the 4 AM train woke them up. Rory was grateful for the unexpected alarm that helped her to avoid people. She assumed others in her building were shaken by the train as well, but unlike her, they’d decide not to leave the Victorian.

Rory exits the front entrance of the Victorian and turns onto 45th St. She has a view of the tracks and notices Munny Pang hanging on to the caboose. The last thing Rory expected was to see one of her neighbors out at 4 AM. Rory quickly turned around and headed for the park. She didn’t realized how foggy it was until they passed by the cemetery, but that didn’t bother her. All of her worries vanished with the recognition of time and conditions. No one could see her, which meant no one would talk to her.

As Rory and Peter walked through the cemetery, the fog seemed to grow. It was fairly silent until Peter heard a crunching sound. Peter sped in that direction, ripping his leash from Rory’s hand. Without hesitation, Rory ran after Peter. With the fog preventing her from seeing clearly, Rory tripped over a gravestone and landed face first. She rolled over to sit up but stopped when she realized the arm of a cross stood directly above her. And from that arm hung a silver necklace with a jade pendant.

Rory could hear Peter growling off in the distance. She could also feel warm surrounding her right ankle. Rory glanced at her foot and saw a mixture of mud and blood covering her white boot sock. She got up and limped in the direction of Peter’s growls. In that moment, she noticed a woman running through the cemetery away from Peter. The only thing Rory could see was the woman salmon scarf draped over her neck.

Rory had seen the news about someone disturbing graves in the city but wasn’t sure if the woman she saw was a suspect. She grabs Peter’s leash and they walk back towards the Victorian.

A few hours pass and Rory and Peter leave the Victorian to have lunch at Vietyum. After eating decided to go to the park near Only Way street. As soon as Rory entered the park, an old man shouted “What will come will come. Even if I shroud it all in silence." His yell startled Rory. She glanced at the little boy standing near the old man. He only shook his head as if to say “Don’t stop.”

Rory exits the park with Peter by her side. They return to the Victorian. Rory did not want to leave her apartment again that day. They’d eat leftovers for dinner.

“So many strange interactions,” she thought.

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