Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Branching out

Rory woke up and checked the calendar hanging above her waist high stack of water bottle cases in the kitchen. It was Tuesday, meaning her weekly meal with Peter would happen that evening. Rory hadn't planned to do much during the day. Her usual early morning walk around town with Peter is all she ever has planned, aside from their weekly lunch.

After returning from their walk, Rory changed clothes. The two sat on her cot waiting for time to pass. At noon, they left the Victorian and headed for Vietyumm. Sitting in their usually booth, Rory ordered for herself and Peter, something she was never questioned for doing. The owner of Vietyumm had always welcomed Peter.

Ten minutes after they got their food, another customer walked over to the jukebox and selected some songs.

John Gorka’s “Branching Out” began playing. Just as the sing began, Rory watched the sky turn dark, and rain started falling. Soon enough, there were loud crashes of lightning and cracks of thunder.

The second a lightning strike touched down, the power in Vietyumm went out.

“I’m goin' reach, I'm gonna reach
I'm goin' reach, till I know why”

Rory was shocked to hear Gorka’s voice. How is the jukebox working when the power is out?

Soon enough, Gorka’s repetitive lyrics got to Rory.

“I’m goin' reach, I'm gonna reach
I'm goin' reach, till I know why”

Rory began to reflect, realizing that soon enough, she’d have to branch out.

Within five minutes power was restored. At the end of their meal, Rory and Peter got up to leave, but the owner stopped them.

“Rory, you’re here so often,” he said. “You know this place front and back. Would you like to start working here?”

Shocked at the offer, Rory stood there unable to respond for a minute or so. Then, before considering the possible consequences, such as interacting with people, of accepting the job, Rory said yes.

On her walk home, Rory became super excited, humming Gorka’s lyrics all the way.

“I’m goin' reach, I'm gonna reach
I'm goin' reach, till I know why”

The following day she’d start her new job and branch out.